Queen Victoria Building (QVB) - An iconic heritage building of Sydney 历史与文化的中心- 维多利亚女王大厦

The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) that occupies the entire George St not only contains a rich history and culture but also has more than 180 fashionable boutiques, jewelry stores, furniture stores, cafes, and restaurants. The most distinctive feature of QVB is its ‘center dome’. Every Christmas, it will be decorated as a huge Christmas tree, which is also a visual feast that every visitor to QVB must not miss. In addition, the 19th-century architectural style staircases leading to the 'dome' and the stained glass windows on the sides add a more unique and mysterious charm to QVB.

占据了个乔治街(George St) 的维多利亚女王大厦(QVB) 不仅蕴含丰富的历史文化,更是拥有了超过180多家的时尚复古精品店,珠宝店,家具店以及Cafe和餐厅。最具特色的便是其整栋建筑中的‘中心圆顶’, 每逢圣诞节,它都会被装点成一棵巨大的圣诞树,这也是每一位来到QVB的旅客绝不能错过的视觉盛宴。除此之外,通往‘圆顶’ 的19世纪建筑风格的楼梯以及侧边饱经风霜的玻璃窗户,更是为QVB增添了一份独特且神秘的韵味。

Check out this YouTube video to gain some live moments of QVB:

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