Newtown - An inner west suburb of Sydney with a charming personality 你所不知道的新镇(Newtown)

Updated: May 31, 2020

"Vintage, street, color" are three words that jump into our heads when we think of Newtown. In the early autumn, twilight sunlight and the large graffiti walls set against each other. It seems that every brick is whispering softly, telling the mysterious story of this ancient street.

“复古,街头,色彩” 是三个一提起Newtown就会跳进我们脑海中的词。初秋鹅黄色的暖阳与大片的涂鸦墙壁互相映衬,似乎每一块砖都在轻声低语,讲述这条古老街道过往的神秘故事。

Having spent four years at the University of Sydney, walking on Newtown's main street countless times, we never thought of walking further into it and exploring more. Luckily, at this time we walked into the intricate trails on both sides of the main street, and it seemed that from this second on, we realized the true charm of Newtown.


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