布莱顿勒桑兹(Brighton-Le-Sands)- Your ultimate resort 小众却很Aussie

Brighton-Le-Sands is a suburb beach in southern Sydney near the Sydney airport. It is known for its off-white sand and its prosperous local fundamentals. Besides, it is also a popular location for multicultural cuisine and night-time entertainment. With a lot of restaurants ,bars and cafes gathering here, Brighton gives people a great opportunity to hang out and have some fun. It is also a fantastic spot for family gatherings because of the stunning beach view and white sand. You can choose to sit in one of the beachside cafes in a sunny Saturday morning and watching your kids having a good time on the soft sand. What an attractive picture, isn’t it?

布莱顿勒桑兹(Brighton-Le-Sands)是悉尼南部靠近机场的一个郊区海滩。因其纯白的沙子和繁荣的基础设施发展而逐渐被人们所知。除此之外, 该地区也是一个多文化融合的聚集地,拥有许多的来自世界各的餐厅,酒吧和Cafe, 是年轻人夜晚聚会活动的绝佳之选。 同时,Brighton 也很适合全家一起来玩。你可以想象一下,在一个艳阳高照的闲散的礼拜六上午,你坐在靠近沙滩的一家Cafe里面吃个brunch,看着自己的孩子在不远处的沙滩开心地玩沙子,好一副惬意的景象。

Since this spot is not a famous tourist attraction, you can experience a peaceful and pure Aussie life here without being interrupted (except that you will see the airplanes taking off every day across the sea line :)



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