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成立一家摄影工作室一直是我的梦想,从我第一次接触人像摄影工作以来,这已经是第五个年头了。回想起我爱上人像摄影的初衷,是我每次看到被拍摄的女孩儿们灿烂的笑脸和她们身上不自觉流露出的自信光芒时,我都会油然而生一股强烈的成就感,而这也一次又一次地让我对摄影这件事情变得更加坚定!而我和姐姐也真的太想要把这份美好的感觉带给更多更多的人了,所以Gingers‘ Photo Studio也就成了我们的梦想照进现实’的初尝试!


我们目前坐标悉尼,接拍各类人像风格写真(旅拍or单次):复古/校园/小清新/街头/情绪/Insta/情侣等等;也同时承接各种商业/非商业活动现场跟拍,包括毕业典礼/生日party/社团活动/家庭聚会等等...当然你有任何的独特的风格需求,我们也可以协商。 虽然我们是刚起步的small business,但每一次拍摄我们都会全力以赴,带给我们的每一位客人最好的拍摄体验!如果你想了解更多有关约拍的事宜,可以点击下方的Enquiry联系我们~期待和你们的见面:)


Gingers' Photo Studio is a family business run by two twins  Jacqueline and Jessica.


With a mission of motivating people and a strong passion for photography, they decided to start their own photo shooting business to help young girls build confidence and develop self-love by demonstrating their true beauty via genuinely made photos.


Meanwhile, they also try to deliver a value that EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE IS WORTH BEING REMEMBERED, which inspired them to expand their business further into taking event photos including graduation ceremony, travel diary, and birthday party, etc. 

Sydney Photography 悉尼约拍



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Tel: 0426245416

Email: gingerstudio.sydney@gmail.com






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Mon-Sun 8 am - 9 pm


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Sat-Sun 7 am - 6 pm

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